Why Care4Kids?

Helping the Kids

Care For Kids focus on the joy and stress relief by using computers and interactive media.

We provide IRL care packeges with diffrent content based on each specific kids we focus on the person and the need of the hospital and putting a smile on each kids faces

  • Help Sick Kids In Hospitals
  • We provide real packages to Kids
  • We brighten the hospital stay
  • Servicing 4 Countries

Provided over 560,000,000,000 ISK to Kids!!!

Helping more than 300 Kids, Speak about true dedication
Do you have Questions


Details when you need them

We have created a list of the most common questions below to make sure you can find information you want quickly. If you have any questions or comments not listed below please contact us

How long has Care 4 Kids been helping kids?

Care 4 kids started out around 18 month ago as a idea providing content for kids at hospitals spending extended amount of time there were attending care.

Who operates and runs Care 4 Kids?

Care for kids is run by Jonas and his wife Sofie with the help of the Swedish church abroad with logistics and help with planning and connections with the diffrent hospitals

What countries to you service currently?

We currently service Sweden, Finland, UK and AU. When the paperwork is finalized we will be servicing the US as well.

What is all included in a Care 4 Kids Pack?

In a care pack we include 1 Plex that equals 1 month of game time some implants that speed up training time and ships depending on the path thay taken so anything from frigs to mining ships exploration ships

Is Care4Kids a real Charity?

Care for kids is a charity that uses interactive media like EVE Online and offers different means to cheer kids up attending care or hospitalization we are a registered nonprofit org and soon changing into a foundation were we can reach even further and attract more and bigger sponsors

How can I get involved?

By being apart of the community we want to provide the kids with as much content as we can.