The Incursion Project
June 15, 2016
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The Story!

The Story how a crazy idea became a reality

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On an unremarkable morning 6 months ago an idea was born, so far-fetched capsuleers laughed at even the mention of it. It started with just two good friends shooting ideas at each other…

C4w3 said to 1ronbank, “What if we build a keepstar?

What if we do something not even the biggest alliances dare to do?”
1ron thought for a moment, and laughing he said, “Let’s do it!”

The idea was born.  He then assembled his golden circle team and the process started with Shutupandshave and Lenny Kravitz, our partners and benefactors firing up the forges while other background pieces were moved into place.

  Hundreds of volunteers over 3 ‘continents’ mined freighted, transported, scouted and drew components from all corners of New Eden to our production facility whilst trying not to make too big an impression on the market that could be noticed and acted upon by other jealous capsuleers.

A few weeks ago, in the early hours of the morning the final steps were taken. With over 60 care 4 kids and 10 freighter decoys compounded by misinformation 1ronbank Shutupandshave and Lenny delivered the first Keepstar to us.

With hard knocks and their ideas and howto advice we deployed our fleet of decoys traps and scouts.

A call to my good friend Dansara the AU TZ fury fist we contracted a fleet of strong men from Pandemic Legion in tornados and falcons as the main protection. While gathering intel that somehow highsec gankers got word of something “Big” was happening we deployed our decoy freighters and transport fleets
After a nerve-wrecking 1 h we arrived in Maila and deployed the first low sec Keepstar for the benefit of Care to Kids.

Finally this wouldn’t have been possible without 1ronbank (Mini albert), Lenny Kravitz, Shutupandshave, IWantISK, the MBC, Killah Bee and my sisi brothers helping to learn all the mechanics around citadels.

Care 4 Kids welcome you to visit, trade, hang out and enjoy our hospitality. We ask nothing in return.

One Love!
C4w3 M1sty and Care 4 Kids.

Care For Kids Founder Kids army power ranger. Reikoku member and PL Scrub. Market Tycoon and the Baltic sea ruler.

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