MiLA In sight and a preview!

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January 22, 2016
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MiLA In sight and a preview!

We are pleased to announce that Care4Kids / C4w3 will be assisting Evil At Work to release it’s Voice Recognition Software, MiLA to aid disabled kids and people of the community.

MiLA, the Push-To-Talk Voice Recognition Software created by Evil At Work assisted by C4w3 from Care4Kids, assists in the quick response of data, details and help guides. These include Market Information, Kill Board Data, Personal Character details , PVP/PVE/Mining/Production Calculators, public character, corporation & alliance information, In-Game Map & Item data, help guides and can interacted with all of Evil At Work’s systems.

They started creating MiLA about 1.6 years ago in effort to provide a more hands free experience allowing the user to focus more on PVP/PVE, Trading and enhancing the EVE Online journey throughout New Eden for everyone.

The push-to-talk software is a standalone program that does not connect to the EVE Online client, instead it gets its data from the Evil Servers. All personal character information is provided via the EVE Online API that you can add into the software which retrieves data from EVE Online.

Evil At Work has set this project as Alpha and will be releasing a review version to several people throughout New Eden to obtain feedback and suggestions. It is expected to go open BETA by July 2016 and the final release is scheduled for September 2016.

With a provided API, you can ask Personal Questions such as:
– Can I fly a Dominix?
– When does my skill queue end?
– Do I have any unread Mail?
– Can I fit [abc item] to [xyz ship]?

It can provide Public Information about other Characters, Alliance and Corporations
– What Corporation is [xyz name] in?
– What’s the security standing of [xyz name]
– How many members does [xyz Alliance] have?

Trader? It can provide you valuable market data increasing your profits and decrease research time.
– How much is the Highest Sell price of a Dominix in Jita?

– Whats the best deal on Tritanium in Everyshore Region?

Getting ready for a fight? It can provide Kill board information
– What’s the biggest kill of [xyz] character or corporation?
– Whats the kill percentage of [xyz]?
– What ammo is good for [xyz] armor?

Need a quick response about something? Ask.
– What’s the base % of EM shield on a Dominix?
– What’s the max falloff of a [xyz ship] ?
– What’s the best ore to mine based on sell price in [xyz] region?

The biggest library is focused on help and assistance. You can ask things like
– How do align my ship?
– How do I stop my ship?
– What are the hotkeys?
– What are the major trade hubs?
– What is a Damage Control Unit?

Need a POD Assistance? Interactions are made possible and are viewable online via the EVE Grid project, such as:
– Take a note about [xyz name], [message].
– Do I have any notes on [xyz name]?
– Leave a Corporation Note about [xyz name], [Message]
– Please X me for [abc fleet]
– How many people x’d up for [abc fleet]

It connects to all of the Evil At Work projects allowing you to get information like:
– Are there any new videos posted on EOC.TV?
– Can you read me the last news from Evil At Work?
– What was the last major win on EVE Casino?

The possibilities are endless. MiLA still has several bugs and these are being sorted out. It is a work in progress and Evil At Work hopes this will enhance everyone’s experience within New Eden
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