A Merry Christmas to you all!!

Happy New Year!
December 31, 2015
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A Merry Christmas to you all!!

Merry Christmas to you all and a big thank you from Care for Kids!

Over the past year an idea has grown to something no one could have imagined. Care for Kids was created and the community thought it was a great initiative with the support from Reikoku, my ingame corp, and donations from a diverse group of individual players we created something called care packages.

At first these consisted of a plex, some implants and a few ships to help the kids in my hospital to enjoy and stay in Eve Online due to limited game time etc. As I became more ill to the point where I spent three days a week getting treatment at the hospital and this taking its toll on me and my family and work, Care for Kids became something I could focus on while away from and missing my kids and wife to an unbearable point.

At this time my good friend 1ronbank came into the aid both for Care for Kids and myself by cheering me on doing this charity donating at start 50 b in isk and plex to support the idea and keep the dream alive. After this boost in confidence I approached three additional hospitals and was invited to meet with some HR and hospital admins about what we do and how we can support kids at the different hospitals.

Around this time we were featured on the o7 show getting shout-outs, which meant that we could start planning more organized care packs and resulting in another idea being born. We made the IRL care packs containing images of plex, ships, ISK and other CCP images and bought gift boxes to stuffed with candy and the ingame items, to deliver.

This became a huge success. Knowing that there were other Eve players going through hard times out there, we reched out towards to this amazing community through many different charity fundraiser, allowing us to gift away care packs to veterans and other players beeing sick, hospitalised etc.

This brings us to today. We now are a registered charity in Sweden, Finland and soon the US and UK and our last care pack Christmas extravaganza resulted in 92kg of candy being gifted away in 102 care packages to 8 hospitals where I and my family visited 4 of them.

So to the Love:

i could NOT have gotten to where I am right now without you buddy, You truly are MY hero. EVE-Bet for sponsoring us at every event Care for Kids has done a special shout-out to Bam for letting me pester him, Reikoku for letting me do this and supporting every turn, including organizing several internal fund-raising events, EVE Down under Otto Bismarck and Thebiggerboatman Pandemic Legion and all its members for their ongoing support, Rixx Javix for being a great artist and helping me make everything look good, CCP Mimic, CCP Guard and CCP Falcon for your great encouragement and shout-outs and for letting me believe that together we can make a difference and for being part of the greatest game and the community with people who DO care

Finally, to the Eve Online community, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Without you this would not have been possible. I will hopefully meet you all at this year’s fan fest and bring my story to you guys and what you and I have started.

And, as always, donations are always welcome :D

Love Jonas With family aka C4w3.

Care For Kids Founder Kids army power ranger. Reikoku member and PL Scrub. Market Tycoon and the Baltic sea ruler.

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