Helping Others

in-Game Donations

Donating EVE ISK/Assets ingame

We will accept ISK/Assets/PLEX ingame via contract, these can be assigned to M1sty (note the ONE in place of an I) or directly to the “Care for Kids” ingame corporation. These will be used to directly fund/create care packages.

The current care packages consist of the following, and as such these specific items are most sought after:

1 30day Plex, 1 Set of +3 implants, 100m ISK


If you cannot donate in terms of assets or money, please consider using any platform you have a following on to spread the word about the campaign. Feel free to use this image in promotions, and direct any contact directly to Jonas on twitter @C4w321 .

Skilled Assistance

We are always looking for people with special talents to contribute their time, such as: twitch streamers, games media, graphics artists, video editors, audio engineers or web designers, without support from generous and talented people we would spend more time on production of content than actually being able to help the kids.