Care4Kids Looking for a German Rep

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February 1, 2016
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Care4Kids Looking for a German Rep

Maybe it is a German cultural thing, but so far EVE related charity hasn’t appealed to me. Charity projects don’t become inherently better just because they are run by somebody from the EVE Community. This is just my personal opinion and I don’t want to talk you out of donating to such a project.

But with Care4Kids it’s all different! The special thing about this Swedish foundation is that actually playing EVE is centered in the core of the concept. The charity aspect does not come short: the purpose is to make hospital kids - young patients which have to stay a major part their youth in hospital - a very special gift, which is unpayable. It is to take away some of the monotonous daily routine and boredom in hospitals and replace it with an enjoyable diversion from their sorrows. Ingame and outgame donators, organizers, enablers and fleet commanders as well as a fair portion of emotional warmth and affection make this possible.

Jonas King Sjösten takes care of exactly this. He has given birth to this project and we all are amazed by the pace this project is growing. He was already featured in o7 show, found some help for the website and got some partners that supported him with the real life business stuff such as registering a foundation for example. He and his wife take personally care of the distribution of donations amongst teenagers in Scandinavian hospitals.

Jonas was able to extend his project to Great Britain, the US and Australia with the help of local partners. Now, he is looking for partner for the German Speaking Region. If you want to apply for this job, you should identify yourself with the project, you like to work for a charity purpose, and you are able to give presentations to sponsors and to the donation recipient hospital station staff. This will take some of your spare time. And that’s exactly the reason, why I am not volunteering myself for this amazing project, since you guys expect me to organize a nice G-Fleet2016 event, aren’t you? So for me, there is hardly any spare time left. How about you? If you think, this is your thing, please shoot us an email. We will get you in contact with the Care4Kids team.

Care For Kids Founder Kids army power ranger. Reikoku member and PL Scrub. Market Tycoon and the Baltic sea ruler.

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