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Im suffering from diabetes and chronic kidney failure which forces me to attend the hospital on a weekly basis and about a year ago the young kids saw me playing this game on my laptop so i introduced a few to EVE just getting most of them the hang of it and dident think much of it.

And since we all don't meet at the same time i found if awesome that when using one of the computers to see a updated version of eve i started to investigate the matter ;D and what did i see the kids i taught now started to play with other kids when attending when i weren't there.

I posted a flyer saying join in on the fun and beat the boredom hospitals takes on young and old. We now have around 300 active kids playing EVE at the age between 14-20 in all branches pvp pve mining trade etc. And I'm now starting to gather them all in one spot for some fun during the boring and painful weeks at the hospital.